Credibility and validity

Doctoranytime medical content is edited by Ioanna Vlassi, Chief Editor of doctoranytime, in cooperation with a team of top scientists and health professionals.This is how we ensure that this information is objective and updated.

How we create out scientific content

Main information is gathered after interviewing our collaborating doctors. We aim at answering in every possible question or query of the patients experiencing similar symptoms or diseases.

  • 1Once we have collected scientific content by our medical team, we complete the infomation needed through globally recognized medical resources.
  • 2Our editorial team processes the material, modifies it and then, sends it to the health professionals for final corrections and editing.
  • 3Published articles are always at the full disposal of our doctors for improvement and renewal, according to updated scientific studies, content and data presented
  • 4We always keep in mind that the main goal of getting information on a medical issue is not to diagnose and give a treatment method. Our role is informative, sometimes reassuring but always consulting only. The doctor is the only one that can suggest treatment for the health problem you are facing, after a clinical examination and after recording your family and individual medical history.

Medical authors

Scientific content creation is a result of a long process, in which a large team aims at creating information which is reliable,documented, scientifically correct and easily understood by the reader.