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Dietitian - Nutritionist in Acharnes

3 Dietitians - Nutritionists near Acharnes

Meladaki Dimitra

Dietitian - Nutritionist

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Η κυρία Μελαδάκη με δέχτηκε ακριβώς στην ώρα μου, μου πήρε λεπτομερές ιστορικό και έδειξε κατανόηση και ενδιαφέρον για την περίπτωσή μου. Έμεινα με θετική εντύπωση και θεωρώ ότι η συνεργασία θα είναι επιτυχημένη.


1 Dietitian - Nutritionist στις Acharnes no online appointment

Dietitians - Nutritionists Acharnes

The Dietician and Nutritionist designs personalized diets for weight loss (diet), the training in order to adopt hygiene and diet rules, and more. The Nutritionist advises on the contribution of nutrition to health promotion as it deals with food and its effect on the body. Choose the best Private appointment Dietitian - Nutritionist or take advantage of the SPECIAL PRICE we have reserved for you.

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