Online chat με γιατρό. Δες τις νέες ειδικότητες! Δοκίμασέ το τώρα!
Online chat με γιατρό. Δες τις νέες ειδικότητες! Δοκίμασέ το τώρα!
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"This was my 3rd wisdom tooth removal with this doctor, and I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the service. First: I was very nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed since I heard so many horror stories, but the moment I got into the office the staff was polite and welcoming, and the doctor himself looked and acted very professionally and he gained my trust instantly by walking me through the procedure and answering all the questions I had, which reassured me that I came to the right place. Second: The tooth removal in my case went with almost no pain at all. (I experienced more pain when I went to a dentist for teeth cleaning, and despite my 3rd wisdom teeth having a complication by having additional roots, which made it extra hard to remove). And it was done incredibly quickly and efficiently. Third: The recovery itself was amazing, I had a bit of swelling the first day, but by the second day it was 90% gone. The stitches do not need manual removal, they will disintegrate within 10+ days. The wound inside closed without any difficulty. Just follow the doctor's instructions, and there will be no problems. Lastly: I am definitely recommending this doctor to everyone I know and in fact, I have discussed with my mother since she also needs a wisdom tooth removal to fly her from Serbia to Athens just to do the procedure here. That is how happy I am with the doctor."

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