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You have served me on Sunday. That alone is enough for me. Thank you very much

Eleni A.
January 2024

I will stop using doctoranytime... when someone dares to change the slightest thing. You are great. Thanks.

Panagiotis K.
January 2024

You guys are great! The platform is incredibly easy to use and the most important thing for me are the reviews, which for me are a key factor for choosing a specialist! Thank you!

Virginia T.
January 2024

You are the best in the field of health, you help a lot in a unique way, each patient, to choose the right health professional for them. Doctoranytime you are one of a kind!!! A big thank you for what you have offered us.

Christine P.
February 2024

I think it's perfect for people like me, with hearing loss, to book our appointments online.

Konstantinos S.
April 2024
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doctoranytime is an innovative health service [...]. It aims to fix the health care system and solve patient problems.


After having completed 4 years, doctoranytime continues to provide quality health services to Greek patients.

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doctoranytime is a platform for those looking for a doctor and wishing to visit them in their private clinic by using their public or private insurance.


doctoranytime helps patients contact the doctor of their choice and makes the appointment process easier and quicker through just three steps!

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doctoranytime: Find doctors with one click!
"You can find the appropriate doctor in your area and book an EOPYY appointment for free in their private clinic"


doctoranytime is considered to be the most innovative health service in the Greek market; its operation reminds booking engine travel websites and offers the possibility to find a doctor or a diagnostic center.

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doctoranytime is better and more powerful than major equivalent services abroad and expects more success in the future.

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