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  • Submitted on 21/11/2022

how many painkillers can I take in one day?

30 specialists answered

  • Please look at the information inside the box of painkillers for recommended dosage or consult your doctor.

    Ζούκας Σεραφείμ (Deactivated account)


    Neos Kosmos

  • You shouldn’t take more than the dose of the written on the medicine.

    Γεωργουδάκη Μαρία Διονυσία (Deactivated account)



  • it depends on the substance and the mg of each pill. Please see the instructions.
    For example an adult may take max 4000 mg of paracetamol in one day

    Τσιάκαλος Μίλτος

    Life Coach - Σύμβουλος προσωπικής ανάπτυξης


  • How many do you have?

    Τζώρτζης Πέτρος

    Κλινικός Ψυχολόγος - Ψυχοθεραπευτής


  • This question has to be asked in the medical section. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Nikolaos Ftiakas



  • You have to ask your GP about this.

    Mouskou Eleni



  • It depends on the problem and the issues that a patient has and need medicine.. as far as it concerns the kind of medicine the painkillers specific, only the doctor knows what to suggest and the kind of this prescription..

    Kontogiannis Lampros

    Διαιτολόγος - Παιδοδιατροφολόγος


  • Θα πρέπει να συμβουλευτείτε τον οικογενειακό σας ιατρό.

    Ψυχική Υγεία & Ευημερία

    Ψυχοθεραπευτής - Σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας

    Neo Psychiko

  • How old are you? Is normal to take anything your doctor says.. because I don’t know what is your healthy problem.

    Χειλά Ευδοξία

    Σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας & Προσωπικής Ανάπτυξης - Υπνοθεραπεύτρια


  • Around 3-4 depending on the painkiller, but you should consult a GP

    Κυπραίου Αρετή


    Agia Paraskevi

  • Γεια σας. Απευθυνθείτε στον παθολόγο σας.

    Νόησις - Τσορμπατζούδη Αναστασία



  • It depends on the painkiller. No more than 3-4 most of the times.

    Πράπας Ιωάννης

    Σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας - Ψυχοθεραπευτής


  • Hello, this question is not one that can be answered under this section, since psychotherapists are not qualified to answer about medicines. It would be best to discuss it with a physician.

    Στεργίου Μαρία


    Nea Filadelfia

  • Σε αυτό θα πρέπει να σας πει ο γιατρός σας, ανάλογα με την πάθηση

    Papathanasopoulou Elena

    Ψυχοθεραπεύτρια - Σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας


  • Εξαρτάται από πάρα πολλούς παράγοντες!
    Η πιο απλή και σύντομη απάντηση στο ερώτημά σας είναι:
    Ρωτήστε τον γιατρό σας!

    Papathanasiou Dimitrios



  • Good evening. I suggest you consult the use instructions of the painkiller.

    Βιντιάδη Εμμανουέλα-Μαρίνα



  • Hello,
    You should ask a doctor about this.
    I am psychologists and i cannot consult you regarding painkillers.
    In any case, you should avoid taking more than the prescribed dose in their guidlines.
    For further information and for proper use you should visit a doctor.

    Τσίμπρη Πηνελόπη MSc (Deactivated account)



  • Hello,
    since my answer is a bit delayed I hope that I find you well and thriving. You are wondering how many painkillers you can take in one day without mentioning the type of painkillers you have at hand, what is happening to you and you are in need of painkillers, how old are you, what is your health condition and what are you feeling (intensity and duration) and you need one.
    A practical advice would be to read carefully the instructions of the painkiller you have at hand, use them in moderation and if the pain endures you MUST visit a doctor or a hospital and they will guide you further.

    Κυριακού Θωμαή

    Ψυχολόγος - Ψυχοθεραπεύτρια


  • Not all painkillers are the same. Depending on your age, gender and medical condition painkillers can act differently on you and, if you are not careful with them, they may be dangerous. My suggestion is to visit a medical doctor to evaluate your pain and its potential root to give you a more personalized advice.

    Παναγή Σωκράτης

    Ψυχολόγος - Ψυχοθεραπευτής


  • Good morning. I would propose you ask your general practitioner (pathologist) for this kind of advice. I am at your disposal for any questions regarding psychology and counselling

    Πρεβεδουράκη Εβίνα

    Σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας


  • That is something that should be answered by your medical doctor.

    Φωτεινός Ευθύμιος


    Platia Mavili

  • It depends of the drug you take

    Σκαπέτης Ευάγγελος

    Psychologist - Mental Health Counselor


  • Good evening,

    It's better for you to ask a physician about painkillers, it is not my field of experience.

    Κουρτάνοβιτς Φίλιππος



  • Unfortunately I am not properly equipped to answer that question. I believe a doctor or a neurologist would be able to help you better. In any case, I would recommend you had a qualified professional closely monitor your pill intake. I hope that helps. Take care.

    Γουλανδρής Γιώργος

    Ψυχολόγος - Ψυχοθεραπευτής


  • Υou have to ask your doctor

    Ρωμαίου Βάσω

    Ψυχολόγος - Ψυχοθεραπεύτρια


  • Please refer to your doctor to get a responsible answer. Overuse of pain-killers can risk serious health problems. If you believe that what you are taking now is not enough, please consult a trained professional.

    Κύμα Ζωής

    Σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας

    Palaio Faliro

  • If you are taking psychiatric medication you should consult a licensed psychiatrist.
    Jo Grigoriadou, Psychologist, Msc

    Creating Narratives

    Ψυχολόγος - Ψυχοθεραπευτής


  • Do not take any until you ask a doctor face to face this exact question.

    Συνετός Διονύσιος



  • Approximately one every 8 hours.

    Μανουσάκης Βασίλης

    Σύμβουλος Ψυχικής Υγείας


  • You should read carefully the instructions of the product and consult a doctor

    Tyropoulou Lilian (Deactivated account)


    Nea Smirni

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