• Erectile dysfunction
  • Submitted on 23/12/2022

Erection problem after ormon and radioterapy from prostate cancer

7 specialists answered

  • There are several treatments in your case that need to be discussed based on your profile specifically.

    Γοργοράπτης Πέτρος

    Urologist - Andrologist


  • Is a common problem after hormonotherapy and radiotherapy for prostate cancer, but you have to discuss it with your urologist.


    Χειρουργός Ουρολόγος - Ανδρολόγος

    Platia Mavili

  • You should visit and advise an urologist. You could get help and solution to your problem .

    Tsakalidis Hristos

    Urologist - Andrologist


  • ADT and radiotherapy for Prostate cancer stops the erection.

    Μαλόβρουβας Ευάγγελος

    Ουρολόγος - Ρομποτικός Χειρουργός

    Nea Smirni

  • Can be treated

    Hatzidimitriou Eystratios

    Urologist - Andrologist


  • There are solutions but it’s a difficult case. You should book an appointment with your urologist to discuss it

    Laskaridis Leonidas

    Urologist - Andrologist


  • Erection problems are very common after hormonal therapy (androgen deprivation therapy) and radiotherapy for prostate cancer. What’s important is that even in these cases there are viable and effective solutions.

    Κουσουρνάς Γιώργος

    Urologist - Andrologist

    Agia Paraskevi

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