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  • Submitted on 05/05/2023

I have two swollen lymph nodes one under the jaw and one in the left side of my neck. My doctor said it was due to bronchitis and a cold but after a week of antibiotics and two days of Algofren they havent subsided. Do you have a suggested course of action?

3 specialists answered

  • good examination of the neck and blood test.

    Σβόλης Νικόλαος

    Pulmonologist - Tuberculosis specialist


  • There is no need to worry. Swollen lymph nodes may be typical after a cold or an upper airway system infection. This enlargement may remain even for some months. In case you need more information you can visit an ENT doctor.

    Βαλσαμίδης Κωνσταντίνος

    Otolaryngologist (ENT)


  • You should be examined by an ENT Doctor who will find out the cause of the swollen lymph nodes and suggest the appropriate course of action

    Παπασπύρου Κωνσταντίνος

    Χειρουργός Ωτορινολαρυγγολόγος Ενηλίκων - Παίδων



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