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Hernia of intervertebral disc

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ΟΔΥΣΣΕΑΣ Π 17 March 2020
ΟΔΥΣΣΕΑΣ Π Member since 5 March 2020 Confirmed Review 1 review in doctoranytime
He/she investigated my illness/condition in detail
Experienced & qualified
He/she was trustworthy
Approachable & friendly
Έδειξε τον απαιτούμενο επαγγελματισμό και μου εξήγησε διεξοδικά την αντιομετώπιση του προβλήματος υγείας που εντόπισε

Clinic Information

  • Erythrou Staurou 5, Marousi, Attica

Academic Publications

  • Correlation between radiological parameters and patient-rated wrist dysfunction following fractures of the distal radius. Injury
  • A case of hypertrophic non-union of a peri-prosthetic fracture of the humeral shaft. Injury
  • Biological" internal fixation of long bone fractures: a biomechanical study of a noncontact plate system. Injury
  • Arthroscopic repair versus open surgery for shoulder instability, J Bone Joint Surg Am
  • Correlation between wrist loads and the distal radius volar tilt angle, Clinical Biomechanics
  • Initial rotational stability of distal tibial fractures nailed without proximal locking: the importance of fracture type and degree of cortical contact. Injury
  • Association between objective clinical variables and patient-rated disability of the wrist. J Bone Joint Surgery
  • Axial preload in external fixator half-pins: a preliminary mechanical study of an experimental bone anchorage system. Clinical Biomechanics
  • Quantified kinematics of the injury to the posterior cruciate ligament: a computer-aided design simulation study. Clin Biomech
  • Factors affecting fracture healing after intramedullary nailing of the tibial diaphysis for closed and grade I open fractures. J Bone Joint Surg Br
  • Access to the medullary canal in closed antegrade femoral nailing: a technical report. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg
  • Biomechanical considerations in biological femoral osteosynthesis: an experimental study of the bridging and wave plating techniques. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg
  • Computer modeling in bone research. Surg Technol Int
  • Computer Modeling in Bone Research. Surg Technol Int
  • The use of auxiliary pins with the Orthofix external fixator. J Pediatr Orthop
  • Flexural-torsional buckling initiates idiopathic scoliosis. Med Hypotheses
  • Unusual patellar tendon injury in an adolescent runner with generalised ligamentous laxity. Br J Sports Med
  • Factors affecting the timing of recovery from whiplash neck injuries: study of a cohort of 134 patients pursuing litigation. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg
  • A technique for accurate reproduction of the femoral anteversion during primary total hip arthroplasty. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg
  • Secondary patellar resurfacing in total knee arthroplasty: results of multivariate analysis in two case-matched groups. J Arthroplasty
  • Spinal claudication caused by an arachnoid cyst. Spine
  • Minimally invasive therapeutic interventional procedures in the spine: an evidence-based review. Surg Technol Int
  • Variations in serum angiotensin-converting enzyme activity following lung resection: a controlled study in a clinical setting. Ann Clin Biochem
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