Mastercard Premium Benefits Exclusive to all Premium Mastercard cardholders

Book an appointment for €20
Book an appointment with a healthcare professional with your Premium Mastercard
Select an expert
Book a Video Consultation for €20
Book a Video Consultation with a healthcare professional with your Premium Mastercard
Select an expert
Chat online with an expert for €2
Get personalized advice from our experts with your Premium Mastercard
Book a Mental Health Chat via text for €4 or video for €10
Look after your mental health with the help of our expert with your Premium Mastercard

Terms and Conditions

  • This campaign is not promotional and only concerns holders of Premium Mastercard cards (Mastercard Gold, Platinum, World) issued in Greece, who can:
    - Book an appointment with an expert for €20
    - Book a Video Consultation with an expert for €21.24
    - Chat with an expert for €2
    - Chat with a Mental Health Counselor for €4
    - Have a Video Call with a Mental Health Counselor for €10.
  • This campaign concerns solely doctors/healthcare professionals on, that you can find in this page, and only on the available days and hours, which you can see here.
  • To receive the discounted prices, it is necessary to use a Mastercard Premium card and pay for the appointment in advance.
  • The price of €20 for an appointment with a doctor/healthcare professional includes the basic visit and prescription. If any additional medical actions take place, these are charged according to the pricing policy of each doctor/healthcare professional.
  • In the case of Video Consultation, the amount is initially withheld and the transaction is completed by order of the doctor at the end of the session, while in the case of a physical appointment and the services of Medical Chat, Mental Health Chat and Mental Health Video Call, the transaction is completed upon the completion of the online booking.
  • If the appointment is canceled or not realized, the policies regarding cancellation and refund in force are the ones that generally apply for appointments booked through doctoranytime.
  • Doctoranytime does not manage or get involved in any stage of the financial transaction between the doctor/healthcare professional and the patient. Any dispute or disagreement that might occur over the financial transaction concerns solely the doctor/healthcare professional and should be resolved without the mediation of doctoranytime.
  • Patients who book video consultations are to pay an extra €1.24, as a fee for the use of the video call service.
  • The campaign is subject to the doctoranytime Terms and Conditions and the Data Protection Policy.